I’ve always had an eye for art. Initially taking an interest in character design and video-game art, I sought to create something youthful, fun and unique. When I found it difficult to express in character design, I began to search for other outlets of expression. Graphic design found and consumed me, and I began to pursue it as a career. To do that, I attended Digital Media Arts College for my BFA in Graphic Design.

Thirsting for a taste in the field, I took up an internship at BBC International, where I learned what it was like to be a graphic design assistant for a large company. Though minor in tasks, my knowledge of programs, sharp insight to design basics, and understanding how such a large company operates helped me advance my experience in the field.

Currently, I am employed at J&R Adventures as a web-graphics designer. My usual work consists of complete management of three out of the four e-blasts we put out each week, as well as designing a couple of banners that go on them (with Sunday in particular rounding up all of my control). I also have delved into design for our billboards, flyers, brochures and magazine ads.